By utilizing the power of youth and enticing their participation, to build a society, based on peace and democracy that is free of alcohol, tobacco and others drugs, to foster respect for fellow beings and acceptance of each other.
Goals & Objectives Mobilizing youth to Promote development , Co –Existence and Consensus

♦ Mobilizing youth to Promote development , Co –Existence and Consensus

♦  Empoweringyouth to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities

♦  Bringing about changes that enable the youth to lead a happier and more fruitful life.

  Working towards minimizing and preventing the use of alcohol , tobacco and narcotics.

♦  Taking action with regard to matters and factors that affect youth.

♦ Building relationships with international youth organization.

Mile Stones

♦ Organize youth in an organization.

Develop a constitution for 4U.

♦ Form of 19 districts level    4U clubs network

♦ Two 4U General congressheld .

♦ Develop aaction plans .

♦ Committed to community level ADD activities

♦ Campaigns

4U Working Districts

Jaffna-  Puththalam- Vavuniya -Kegalla-Gamapaha-NuwaraEliya-Polonnaruwa-Mathara-Rathnapura-Ampara-Kandy-Galle


♦ Commitment of Healthy Lanka

♦ War free environment

♦ Cultural understanding